What the hell is this? NASA photo reveals mysterious black object over Mars

Photos beamed back from the martian surface by NASA show a barren landscape devoid of any life.
But one image reveals something totally unexpected – a dark black orb hanging in the air.
The photo is the latest in a series of pictures cited as evidence of alien life by UFO fanatics.
BARREN: This seemingly dead landscape shows an alien UFO, according to some
In one recent discovery, a man from Bristol spotted what looked like a sphinx on Mars in a NASA image.
Another photo of a woman bathing in her bikini seemed to show a flying saucer soaring in the skies behind her.
Even a picture of a government convoy made headlines, after it was said to show a UFO being transported under canvas.
Top secret CIA files about UFOs reveal, however, that the US government has investigated the phenomenon.
It shows an area near Husband Hill, Gusev Crater, which was photographed by the NASA robot on March 16, 2014.


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