During the fundraising event for his son Jeb Bush's presidential campaign, George Bush Sr. left the audience embarrassed after answering a UFO question by one of the activists / journalists. 
The response left the audience and the reporters completely taken aback. Hoping to help his son Jeb Bush with the presidential campaign, George Bush, along with his other son and former US President George W. Bush Jr., have campaigned to try to bring the Bush family back to the White House , But some experts believe that this type of incident could cost the election.
During the fundraising event, a man in the audience raised a strange question, which led to an even more startling response from the former president and director of the CIA. 
The man asked George Bush Sr. when the U.S. government would tell Americans the truth about UFOs, and Bush replied before the questioning was stopped by the organizers of the event: "Americans CAN NOT Face the Truth. "
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