A mysterious object traveling between the Earth and the Moon has been filmed traveling at high speed and thus far has not been explained or identified by any world government.
 In UFO enthusiast circles the footage is already being hailed as one of the clearest examples of footage of extraterrestrial life ever filmed, although there are already numerous other theories as to what the object could be. 
Given the political tensions in the Korean peninsula recently, as well as the failed missile launch attempt from North Korea earlier this week, some believe the object to be a missile of some sort.
 In the footage, the object passes out of sight as it travels past the face of the moon, no longer contrasted by the reflected sunlight on the Moon's surface. The footage was filmed in Oman, not particularly close to the Korean peninsula and neither very close to anywhere a missile might conceivably have been launched recently. It was however captured by a very powerful camera, so might have been further off than it appeared to have been in the footage. 

Analysis of the footage, for the time being, is ongoing and should shed some light on the speed, likely take off point and possible landing points if the object if the trajectory can be calculated. The likelihood of it being a missile for the time being, however, seems unlikely. 
That being the case other explanations put forward to include some experimental aircraft launched either by the U.S airforce or NASA, an optical illusion caused by local weather patterns and an alien vessel streaking through the sky.
 The fact that more and more exoplanets that are capable of sustaining life are being discovered is lending more credence to the idea that life does exist on other planets. This is also making the public more open to the idea of UFOs and the idea that it is only a matter of time before alien life in some form is encountered. 
The strange object is also far from the first mysterious object to be spotted on or around the Moon. Numerous satellite images of the lunar surface containing seemingly man-made shapes and figures have been a regular occurrence for decades. 

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