Is the truth about the JFK assassination about to be revealed?
 The assassination of John F. Kennedy still fascinates many people after fifty years. While the FBI and the American government claim that the official story is simply true, much of the information about the murder remains classified. Why would the information still be kept a secret after so many decades if there was nothing more to the story? Many people who were young at the time of the assassination are now dead. Who is the information being kept secret from? 
Perhaps, the information will not be kept secret for much longer. It may be the case that the Trump administration is going to release all of what is known about the details of the assassination. In 1992, it was decided that the information would remain secret for another 25 years. It is now up to the president whether or not the information will remain secret. 
There are 3500 files that could either be released or be kept secret. If the files do not include a simple admission that the official story is wrong, perhaps the files could contain clues that point to the real nature and purpose of the assassination. If the assassination was a conspiracy involving organizations that still possess a lot of power today, it seems unlikely that Trump could release the files. However, one could imagine the files being released even if they contain strong evidence that Oswald was not the assassin. 
October of 2017 is the earliest date at which the files might be released. The final decision is up to the president, but the CIA and FBI will soon make a recommendation about whether or not to release the files. One could certainly doubt that the files contain everything that the government knows about the assassination. It could very well be the case that, even if the files are released to the public, the real story will remain secret. 

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