Recently a video appeared that shows a US predator drone an a mission that is being attacked by a UFO.
The drone was flying true a landscape of high mountains when it suddenly notices a unknown object. The drone starts to track the drone untill it gets out of sight.
 The predator drone tries to track the object but the UFO decides it's time to shut down the drown. It seems to shoot some sort of energy beam towards the drone and the video stream gets messed up.
 The object appears to be pretty small but it does not want to be tracked by the drone. 
The weapon used by the UFO seems to be some sort of energy weapon. It does not stop the drone from working, but it clearly affects the video capabilities of the drone.
 It's not clear what the source of this video is. 
By the look of the drone interface, it seems to be a recent military drone. 
According to multiple sources this footage was leaked to the public. No other information could be found on the origin of this video. 

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