UFO Fan Disappears Without A Trace – Leaving Coded Writings In His Room VIDEO!

The mysterious disappearance of a UFO enthusiast in Brazil causes speculations of alien abductions. Bruno Borges left behind a locked room full of coded writings and bizarre photos of extra-terrestrials. The internet is convinced that Borges has been either nabbed by the Men in Black or aliens after he suddenly disappeared without telling his family.

A video inside the room of Borges shows notebooks with cryptic writings on the covers and symbols apparently associated with pentagrams.
Bruno’s relatives said that he did not reveal details of what he was working, but hinted that he was into writing a series of books, which, according to Bruno, would change humanity in a good way.
The family had not yet received substantial information on what has happened, according to Father Athors Borges, who also said that they tried to call him on his mobile phone, but it was off.
The family said that this is the first time Bruno disappears without a trace. Athors stated that his son did not take anything and he was leaving their home the last time they saw him.

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