When David Rockefeller to Patriarch of the wealthy Rockefeller family died at the age of 101, many reports came out about him. Most of which was favorable, and understandably. 
David Rockefeller did indeed help out those less fortunate than him, and he did choose to be someone to make his mark on the world by being the head of Chase Band. But in every life, there is the good about a person and also for lack of a better word the ugly. So, having lived for 101 years and being such a wealthy powerful man odds are David Rockefeller himself had his share of skeletons in the closet.
 These truths have also come to light in the wake of his death. Rockefeller while working at and as the head of Chase bank used the banking institution to further his personal interest. Including those in a foreign market. Especially in the role as CEO where he was able to have dealings that included enabling foreign operations and perhaps enabling what would be a major debt crisis in the United States and globally. Some of his dealings according to some sources including the Anti-Media he also supported such figures as the Shah of Iran and Augusto Pinochet of Chile, all to further his sown personal financial interest. He also used the one time Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to persuade the Council on Foreign Relations to even take more of a strong hold. Than there was his involvement in the Trilateral Commission which was all about protecting the interest of elitist such as himself. There is even a speech from him to the council that can be found online that pretty much sums it up about his stand.
 Alright, so none of this is pretty, but lets are honest is anyone surprised. The bottom line is when someone lives as long a life as David Rockefeller there are going to be some things found that are less than stellar. Also, let's face it those who are wealthy didn't get that way from playing nice. Yes, they can be decent people at the core, but they can also be ruthless. No doubt David's grandfather John D. Rockefeller who originally put the family on the path of wealth and prestige made some decisions as well that could be defined as less than ethical. Perhaps its all in the way we chose to remember David Rockefeller, will it be as the ruthless billionaire or the wealthy philanthropist the choice is really up to us. 
Listen to this chilling audio from Rockefeller in the early 1990s: 

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