In this video we will be taking a look at the aliens called Pleiadians who originate from the Pleiades star cluster. They have always fascinated me due to the fact they are a humanoid race who visits Earth often and whom we share a common ancestry.
 The Nordic are highly evolved and spiritual beings of light (unlike the rest of extraterrestrials). His "Pleiadian" ancestors (in reference to the star cluster of the Pleiades) lived on a planet that was destroyed. 
They are benevolent beings 
They are magical beings 
Want to interact and communicate with humans 
Are concerned about the environment of planet Earth 
They are worried about the peace in the world 
Can telepathically transmit messages 
The American ufologist John Carpenter claimed that the typical Norse "is paternal, attentive, affectionate, smiling, affectionate, young and omniscient (with great knowledge)".
 UFO researcher Stephanie Kelley-Romano says that the Norse "are often related to spiritual growth and love and act as protectors of third parties who have these experiences." According to some ufologists, the Nordic are against the presence on Earth of a race known as the "grays". In contrast other ufologists affirm that the Nordic ones are the chiefs of the grays. US ufologist Jenny Randles says that although she believes that the Norse have been involved in abductions, she thinks abduction is more important to the gray than to the Nordic, which gives more importance to the encounter with humans. Other ufologists claim that there must be several factions of Nordic, some very positive and some very negative. 


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