The ISS captures footage of MYSTERY objects above Earth—Scientists confused

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet captured a series of strange moving objects above Earth while orbiting our planet above California aboard the International Space Station on April 17, 2017. The giveaway is the fact that the lights are not tumbling, which indicates they are actively controlled.
Thomas Pesquet 

Did Pesquet just film UFOs flying over our planet?
The video filmed by Pesquet was initially intended to record an electric storm near the horizon, just above the western US.
At 25 frames per second of video, the flashes in the atmosphere produced by the rays are perfectly appreciable from the orbital complex. The view is beyond fascinating.
However, moments later the video records the dizzying presence of two objects moving at high speed above the Earth. The ESA Space Debris Bureau later confirmed that “they are consistent with intact objects, and were most likely satellites in operation.”
However, scientists were unable to confirm which satellites—if they were satellite at all—were captured in the video.
As noted by, “ESA’s Space Debris Office determined that the objects are most likely not space junk, because “the objects’ brightness in the video is consistent with intact objects,” officials said. And they’re probably not meteors, either, said Detlef Koschny, a scientist in ESA’s Space Situational Awareness Program office who studies near-Earth objects.”
“The giveaway is the fact that the lights are not tumbling, which indicates they are actively controlled,” ESA communications officer Daniel Scuka said in an email.
Furthermore, experts revealed that the objects were most likely not meteors.  Koschny further explained that a bright meteor, traveling in the atmosphere usually lasts a second or less. Larger objects may remain visible for 2 to 3 seconds.
However, the video filmed by Pesquet was captured at 25 frames per second, meaning the objects are bright for several tens of seconds.
here’s the video:


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