The Ghost That Screamed – CaseFiles Unknown

If you ever needed proof that there is life after death you may find it on Destination America’s new paranormal television show, CaseFiles Unknown. Created and directed by Barry Conrad with story editor Victoria Gross, CaseFiles Unknown promises to deliver something that few paranormal shows have been able to deliver – proof.
Conrad and Gross are seasoned television producers and are considered experts in the paranormal field. They have sourced extraordinary cases, and real footage from real people.
The show that premiered last week with an incredible segment entitled “The Ghost That Screamed” – an incredible story of a teenager who was killed in a car crash in 1984
This was long before digital photography and photoshop. The police officers arrived at the scene within minutes of the crash and took photos with their professional 35mm cameras. What developed in these photos shocked everyone and those who have seen the photos say that this is the proof everyone has been waiting for of life after death.
To this day, the police officer who took the photos is still shaken by the images in the photos.
If you want to see the best-in-class of Paranormal television do not miss CaseFiles Unknown.

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