As World War II was of an epic nature it might not come as any big surprise that those fighting on both sides in the war were said to have used the paranormal so as to gain an edge over their enemy. 
Now a user on YouTube with the name of Dark5s has put together a very enlightening collection of paranormal stories which back to WWII and all of which involve something totally strange, weird, and unusual or things that cannot be explained. 
One of the stories in the video may explain an even from the war that has perplexed people for a long time. This, of course, was Rudolph Hess and his bizarre flight to Scotland with the hope of negotiating peace between the Nazis and Britain. At the time the actions of Hess were thought to be baffling to both sides involved and just what could have motivated him to make such a trip has remained something of a mystery.
 In the years that followed the war, it came to light that perhaps Hess may have been duped by the British Intelligence into making the strange journey. It has been suggested that perhaps the British Intelligence tapped into the psychic realm. 
Rumors have been very persistent over the years that there had been a joint effort between magician Aleister Crowley and intelligence agent, who went on to write books about secret agents, Ian Fleming. It was said that Crowley was able to manipulate the mind of Hess using psychic messages and then Fleming did his part by making it look like the insights were real through propaganda pieces that were carefully used.
 If this is true the tandem attack by the two proved to be successful, at least when it came to inspiring Hess to leave his post and take on a peace mission that was futile and one which caused chaos for the Nazis.
 Along with this story, many other fascinating events have been included in the video. These include covens of witches who tried to protect England with a magic ritual and the quest of Hitler to find the Holy Grail. 

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