Siberian Taiga UFO (VIDEO)


The Siberian taiga is perhaps as unspoiled and unexplored as the Amazon jungle. More than 100,000 square kilometers of western Yakutia are completely uninhabited, devoid of any sort of trails. The human foot treads on this area very rarely. It’s a thick forest growth with uprooted trees and sprawling swamps with swarms of mosquitoes. In short, an ideal birthplace for myths and legends about strange creatures and anomalous zones where bizarre things happen.


The local wild man Chuchuna may not even be anything exceptional; the most attention is given to a peculiar legend about the Valley of Death and its “cauldrons”. Nomadic Evenki, Yakutians and lone hunters who happened to wander into these territories have for long discovered odd houses shaped like red hemispheres protruding from the perpetually frozen ground.


The formations were smooth, with an opening at the top, with a winding stairwell leading to a circular gallery with numerous metal rooms. Despite outdoor temperatures of forty below, it was pleasantly warm inside.




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