Scientists trace mystery ‘ alien signals ’ to distant galaxy

It seems that for the first time ever, astronomers have managed to successfully trace mysterious ‘fast radios bursts’, which are considered among the best contenders of signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, to a galaxy located ‘just’ six billion light years away
From 2007 until today, 17 of these anomalous radio signals have been discovered by astronomers who remain perplexed by the origin of the signals.
Each one of the FRBs (Fast radio bursts) comes from space lasting a few milliseconds at most, but emitting as much energy as our sun does in 10,000 years.
While ‘Alien civilizations’ are among the favorite explications of the mysterious radio signals among many, scientists have no idea what causes these mysterious bursts. In order to establish their exact origin, scientists had to estimate the distance to the ‘object’ where the FRBs originated from.
Together with a team of astronomers, Evan Keane from the UK’s Jodrell Bank Observatory the lead scientists in the group who published their findings in the Journal Nature, the most recent radio burst called FRB 150418 on April 18, 2015 were detected using the Parkes radio telescope in Australia, lasting less than one millisecond, and being the shortest of all discovered to date.
In order to pinpoint where the ‘Alien’ signal originated from, scientists needed a lot of time. The first step was locating the radio signal. Australia’s telescope located the radio afterglow in space after which a second telescope, stationed in Hawaii, helped trace the origin of the radio wave to an elliptical galaxy, believed to be relatively old, located six billion light years away.
However, Intelligent Alien civilizations aren’t the number one cause of the radio signals according to Evan Keane.
While not everyone wants to rule out ET calling Earth, Keane suggests that the anomalous radio waves most likely came from two colliding neutron stars, which according to the Jodrell Bank Observatory astronomer were orbiting each other before merging into one.
However, these radio signals have become more frequent throughout the years. Not long ago, the Parkes radio Telescope in Australia detected five radio bursts that could potentially indicate intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos. According to reports from, an unprecedented double burst has recently shown up together with four more of the anomalous flashes. According to statements from the team of scientists, the double burst FRB (called 121002) discovered last year, had a “clear two-component profile”. Interestingly, the five signals detected follow the same pattern as its predecessors with one SMALL exception: one of them flashed twice, this little fact is extremely important since there has never, until now, been a double blast.
The twin-blast signal was separated by 2.4 milliseconds coming out of some sort of ‘eruption’ that happened, according to studies, 9 BILLION years ago in the Constellation Octans.
A Mathematical pattern behind the radio bursts
Last year, Michael Hippke of Germany’s Institute for Data Analysis set out to measure 11 radio bursts finding something extremely odd: The dispersion measures seem to follow a mathematical pattern. Hippke found that he dispersion measures are integer multiples of the same number, 187.5. The team calculated a 5 in 10,000 chance of the pattern being pure coincidence.
What is even more odd is the fact that NO ASTROPHYSICAL SYSTEMS that we know of can produce a similar stepwise distribution of dispersion measures.

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