No, this isn't the basis for a science fiction movie or television series, but something that actually exists out there in the world. Found in Romania, these large stones have baffled individuals for many years now since their first discovery. The oddest thing about these stones is that not only do these move but they also seem to have the ability to grow. 
These stones referred to as Trovants are found right outside the small village of Costesti. The stones have been reported to have grown in measurement to 2 meters to 10 meters. As for the origins of these stones, this is another mystery no one can explain. One thing that has been determined is every time it rains in that area the stones seem to come to life. As if the water seems were providing the life force making it possible for the stone to grow and move. 
Over the years many scientists have studied the Trovants to try to determine why these stone seem to be alive, but no solid theory has been reported. Despite the mystery and the myth surround them the Tovants have become revered in the area, and not feared. In the year 2004 a commission to preserves the stones was created and “Trovants Museum Natural Reserve" was founded. So, the Trovants have become somewhat of an attraction in the area. 
But guess what turns out Romania isn't the only place where this unusual phenomenon can be found. It turns out there are more living stones in other parts of the world. There have been reports of finding such stones in the countries of Russia, and Czech Republic just to name a few of the places where Trovants have also been found. 
For those of us who would like to see Trovants for ourselves, there are videos online where these unusual stones can be seen. For anyone who doubts that these stones could really be alive, these videos could very well change your mind.

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