Intelligent aliens might have destroyed themselves, says renowned English physicist.
The renowned English physicist Brian Cox, an Advanced Fellow of particle physics at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester has issued a gloomy prediction about the possibility of aliens contacting human beings in the near future. According to Cox, humanity will not receive a message from intelligent extra-terrestrial life at any time in the imminent future, and it is likely that Earth will never receive a message at all.
 Owing to the nature of the infinite vastness of space it is a commonplace to believe that extra-terrestrial must be out there somewhere in the cosmos. However, in response to that a physicist named Enrico Fermi put forward what is known as the Fermi paradox. Essentially, the Fermi paradox suggests that while there is strong evidence for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, there is equally strong evidence that it does not exist. If aliens are out there, why have they not attempted to make contact with Earth yet? 
Dr Cox believes that he could have the answer. “One solution to the Fermi paradox is that it is not possible to run a world that has the power to destroy itself and that needs global collaborative solutions to prevent that, ” he said “it may be that the growth of science and engineering inevitably outstrips the development of political expertise, leading to disaster.” 
What this means is that when a species of intelligent approaches a certain level of technological, scientific knowledge their political system may act to render the species extinct. Chillingly, the physicist has suggested that humanity itself might be approaching this position. 
This does not mean that human beings will never come across alien life in the universe, it just means that the life will not be as advanced as humans are. It is likely that the first form of alien life human beings will discover will be single celled organisms concealed in planets or other celestial bodies with oceans such as one of Saturn’s moons, Dione or Europa, or perhaps a relatively nearby planet referred to as Proxima B. 

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    Submitted by concern reader 2016-10-22 14:00:20

    Tell Brian Cox’s he has been totally wrong and completely foolish looking in the wrong direction, Aliens have been successfully living on earth for quite some time. \r\n\r\nIn-fact they have been living and breeding with earth population for long-time, Alien clones now walk among us. Therefore, Cox’s is totally foolish to believe that the planet Earth has been without life, since Alien visitation probably put life into the sea in first place, and allow it began to crawl out of, infact Aliens change the way direct life path took.\r\n\r\nEarth infact is one of their out-post, in which they have been for a very long time keeping a wary eye upon us, not so long ago an outstanding offer to save us from the great calamity, which was about to unfold was put forward.\r\n\r\nYou may find this hard to believe but the extraordinary the sincere offer has been totally reject, because the secretive governments want to go towards the dark side\r\n\r\nSo the remaining question what will happen next is that all earth people can do now is watched those dramatic events unfold….\r\n\r\nHad the offer been accepted earth population would now be heading off into deep space to begin again on another space ark….\r\n

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