A video has recently surfaced on the Internet showing what appears to be a Russian man inside a psychiatric ward being possessed by some sort of evil spirit or poltergeist. The man is seen on CCTV walking around irrationally in an un-human like manor. We then see the man walk into the darkness, appearing as if the man is going to confront someone (or something) - You can see the man become visibly more upset and angry throughout the course of the video. 
What we see when we next catch the man on the CCTV cameras is very shocking and un-nerving. The man appears to be now possessed by some sort of evil spirit and can be seen levitating around to the side of his bed. 
What was going on in this video? The man was in a psychiatric ward, does he just have a mental illness or is there something else we aren't being told about? We can only imagine what this Russian man must have witnessed as he wondered off into the darkness to display such a horrifying response. The million dollar question is, does the man just simply have severe mental health issues, or is this a real-life demonic possession captured by CCTV cameras? 

Now you never actually see the man's feet leave the ground, you just see him rise up from the side of his bed. This could be a hoax or some cheap budget film production - As the internet has shown us many times before, It knows how to keep us on our toes and leave us shocked, not knowing whether what we see is a fact or fiction. 
Later on into the video the bed appears to move by itself and some faint screaming sounds can be heard in the background, the audio is very bad and is hard to understand - but if you listen carefully, you will be able to hear the whole of the audio.
 Regardless of whether or not this video is real or fake, It's certainly creepy as hell nonetheless. It would be hard to fake the levitating scene unless there was some kind of rope attached to the man, and even then you'd need a master photoshopper to manipulate such footage to such a believable extent. 
So what do you think? Is this a real-life demonic possession captured on video, or is it just another fake like lots of other video's that have been circling the internet for years? Let us know what you think about this video.

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