The ranger approached the building and was shocked at what he could see. It was built on cinder blocks and had a small porch. It was mostly made out of plywood, and there were dark brown tarps strung about it. The most shocking thing is that ere were no trails to suggest that anyone had been using it lately and no sign of the heavy materials being dragged in.
Living and building establishments on this land is illegal, so the ranger when to get some help. When he came back, they inspected the building, finding that the inside was well built too. It had a stove for heating, a living room, books, a typewriter, and canned food. The ranger found a grocery list that had the year 2011 on it, suggesting that the occupant had been there since then. It had heavy window covers that would not let any light out at night.
 The men posted an eviction notice, and when they came back, the home was disheveled. Most of the things inside were gone. The occupant took the eviction seriously, but still there were no trails to indicate which way he had gone. The next time they checked, the site had been mostly dismantled, nothing left but the stove and some cinder blocks. After that, it was completely cleared. The ranger said it was the cleanest site he had ever seen; not even a gum wrapper was left behind. Still, no tracks remained to show them where the man had gone, and no indication that he had carried heavy materials through the woods. 

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