12,618 reported UFO sightings have been investigated by Project Blue Book.
 It has been reported that over the 18 years that Nathan Robert "Rosie" Rosengarten has been investigating UFOs, he has never found any extraterrestrials. 
Rosengarten was a retired Air Force colonel who died last week at the age of 101. The declassified program named Project Blue Book is just now being learned about by many who did not know it existed before. The program has analyzed and investigated thousands of reported UFO sightings from the years of 1952 to 1970. 
The following are the top 5 topics to be aware of regarding Project Blue Book. 
Many sightings were probed: There were 12,618 sightings reported around the world by Project Blue Book. This took place at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with Project Sign and Project Grudge acting as forerunners to the project. 
Typical Dayton report from March of 1967: Red and white revolving lights were reported by a 34-year-old. The lights were reportedly traveling at very high speeds, then hovering, then disappearing past the horizon. This happened with the lights producing no smoke or noise. 
The witness assured that it was not an aircraft, helicopter, or star. A weather balloon and swamp gas were also ruled out as possible culprits. 
"It makes no difference if you want to believe me or if anyone believes me for that matter" the man stated. "It was something alien-like and I know what I saw." 
No explanations for hundreds of sightings: Although the sighting reports reached into the thousands, over 700 never gained an explanation. This information was stated in a letter released by officials at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. U-2 and SR-71 spy planes were to blame for over half of the reported sightings, which was concluded by a CIA report from 1992. 
Alien discoveries? 0: Project Blue Book concluded that none of the UFO sightings investigated by them were ever a threat to national security. It was also stated that the objects under investigation did not behave or operate outside of the realm of modern technology at the time. No signs pointed to the objects being associated with aliens or extraterrestrial beings. 
Cyberspace now the home for Blue Book: In 1969, Project Blue Book hung up its hat for the last time and retired. Wright-Patterson also claims it no longer investigates or documents UFO reports. Even though these types of records have been declassified for quite some time, they call a microfiche at the National Archives home now. The accessibility of the documents was made more readily available in 2015 when UFO researcher from California (John Greenwald, Jr.) posted upwards of 130,000 pages on a website named Black Vault: 
This UFO was identified by the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book program as a Mack Truck brake drum.
This UFO was identified by the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book program as part of a Sputnik satellite hoax.
This UFO was identified by the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book program as part of a hoax.

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