Out of this world

Out of this world

13th Floor Elevapors explained Django eJuice the best. It is most definitely a caramel based vape-uccino with hints of tobacco flavor on the exhale.

This flavor is an unchained blast of sweet vanilla and caramel that teases your tongue on the inhale with tones of tobacco.  As you exhale, that rich creamy flavor of pure Kentucky Flue races out.  This flavor is the most well known of the 13th floor brand and it is one of the best out there.

In short, Chill’ed Tobacco is just what is described.  A vibrant mixture of the finest leaf tobacco flavors topped off with a peppermint finish.  Every breath will be cool to the throat and feature a hint of chocolate with each exhale.

This blend features the finest tobacco flavors with some unique twists.  Taste the smooth blend of tobacco in each exhale.  Then finish off with a refreshing breeze of peppermints and hints of dark chocolate.  The result is a flavor blend that makes any 13th tobacco lover want more.

Simple yet extremely pleasing to the mouth, Space Jam’s Eclipse marries hints of vanilla bean extract with Cavendish Tobacco to produce a smooth and slightly sweet aromatic vape.

Eclipse perfectly lives up to its name by giving you a wonderfully bold tobacco flavor combined with the subtle aroma of vanilla bean.  Each inhale brings savory Cavendish tobacco coursing through your lungs.  The exhale eclipses that strong flavor with a beautiful twist of vanilla.

Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless Vapor is the classic combination of a morning ritual.  A steaming hot cup of coffee is mixed with a cigarette to give you that double jolt in the morning.

The premium e juice offers the best combination of tobacco and coffee. The tobacco taste is not horrible which you can find in a cigarette. The inhale will bring out the deep and rich flavor of freshly brewed coffee. On the other hand, the exhale will add the undertone of tobacco to the existing flavor of coffee. This is perfect for morning vaping.

Sour Worms On Ice adds a cooling throat hit to every breath of the Sour Worms e Juice. Same classic gummy worms taste mixed with some icy goodness.

Sour Worms is the perfect candy and Candy King has recreated that flavor in every puff.  Get ready to match orange and lime, lemon and strawberry, and cherry and raspberry with every puff.   Tip the scale at the end with a refreshing artic blast of mint to keep your exhale fresh.

Naked 100’s Tobacco American Patriot has a rustic and earthy full bodied tobacco flavor that reminds you of smoking regular  cigarettes.  With this vape, you get all the flavors of the ubiquitous red pack yet you are not smoking a cig.

For all the people moving away from cigarettes, Tobacco American Patriot is an ideal vaping flavor. The inhale and exhale of this juice will leave you with the true flavor of rich tobacco leaves. A wonderful thing about this vaping juice is that the taste remains the same throughout the process. It has a mild throat hit that will not cause any coughing.

Athena by Cyclops Vapor is the perfect apple blend in e-liquid form. This vape juice gives you the best of both worlds with its nuanced mix of sweet, ripe red apples and crisp, tart green apples.

With Cyclops Vapor Athena, you will have the best vaping experience. Having a perfect blend of apple, this e-juice is loved by every vape lover. Whether you are fond of green apples or ripe sweet apples, this e-juice is for you as you will get the delicious taste of both the types.

Brewell MFG’s new Tobacco series flavored eliquid. Brewell’s Tobacco Series Butterscotch Ejuice combines a mild tobacco, filled with earthy tones and hints of spice, with a smooth, rich and creamy butterscotch. The two flavors blend together wonderfully and the butterscotch seems to mellow down what is already mild tobacco even more.


100 Club Privilege by Shijin Vapor is a premium tobacco cigar blend aged in vanilla cream for a smooth taste. Hints of burnt sugar and caramel gives the blend that perfect amount of sweetness. If you are into premium cigars, you will love this vape.

This premium quality vaping juice has the capability to satisfy your strongest cravings. When you inhale this juice, your mouth will be bombarded with the flavor of the finest tobacco along with vanilla cream. After you exhale, you will get a hint of caramel and burnt sugar, leaving your mouth drooling over this e juice. It is great for providing a sweet vaping experience.

Beard Vape No. 00 is their entry into the growing coffee tobacco flavor category.  This vape mixes a premium coffee blend with just the right amount of tobacco.  Enjoy a bold coffee flavor with a smooth tobacco blend that finishes off the vape.

This one is a treat for coffee and tobacco lovers as they can enjoy the rich taste of cappuccino when it is inhaled while exhaling it will give a fresh tobacco flavor. Surely, it is a perfect addition to your breakfast table to make your mornings fresh and vibrant!