Nazis believed that the Earth is hollow and that entries inside it are located at the poles. Various researchers claim that they have created an underground base in Antarctica, to the end of the war, which continues to operate today. Given the evidence that I have seen, I have no doubt that the Earth is hollow inside, or at least that there are large spaces inside our planet who live in highly advanced civilizations. In a way, we can say that our planet live in three categories of people. The writer Jules Verne was a initiated by senior network of secret societies, having connections with the Teozofica Society, the order of the Golden Dawn and the order of Oriental Templars. 
He knew a lot more things than the general public. Many of his novels of science fiction based on real events. For example, he described two months of Mars since 1877, before they are identified by astronomers (officially). Any famous or novel, a journey into the center of the Earth, is not entirely a fiction. 
He knew that, in essence, the story is true. Proponents of the idea that the Earth is hollow on the inside say that the waters of the oceans drain inside the Earth's poles, forming in its center an immense sea, above the enlightens the Sun inside a whose central, which provides the necessary light and heat. 
There are speculations (supported by a lot of evidence) that dinosaurs survived the cataclysm now 65 million years taking refuge inside the Earth, particularly in regard to the right of the South Pole. One of those who suggested this possibility is paleontologist Tom Rich, who works at the Museum of Victoria and Australia which has uncovered in 1987 of a polar dinosaur fossils in a tunnel dug in the southern state of Victoria, in a place known as the Bay of dinosaurs.
 There are countless evidence that the Earth is hollow and that his living inside advanced civilizations. These themes can be found throughout the history of humanity, particularly in the traditions and cultures of antiquity.
 Currently, people have become to such an extent puppets of those who govern them that they are willing to ridicule anyone who would try to convince them that the Earth is hollow inside. After all, why not say this contradicts those scientists so smart? Yes, just as he contradicted the assertion that time the Earth is round and not flat. 
Who analyzes this topic seems to realize how thin are the scientists who try to establish the "reality" of their mistress. 

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