A couple of years ago, Peruvian tomb robbers exploring the ancient tomb complex in the Nazca region found something startling.
The Nazca region is home to ancient tombs containing mummified human remains from the Inca civilization. These tombs have been studied for many years by scientists and archaeologists. The mummies are often in a sitting position and wearing clothing. They are thought to be individuals who were of high social standing in Inca society. Also, the Nazca region is home to the Nazca lines or glyphs. These are enormous images of people and animals which have been made by removing ground sediment, revealing lighter-colored earth underneath. They are thousands of feet long and cover hundreds of square miles. They are visible only from surrounding hills or from the air.
What the robbers found were mummies, mummified body parts and other objects which did not look human, nor did they resemble any known animal.
As the robbers probed the black market for interest in the remains, French archaeologist Thierry Jamin learned of them and began obtaining as many of the remains as possible. Jamin runs a crowdfunding collect called the Alien Project whose purpose is to learn as much about the nature and origin of the strange remains as possible. He is convinced they are of otherworldly origin and has recently managed to get them DNA-examined by independent laboratories.
The results of the DNA examinations have confirmed that the remains represent genuine biological remnants of individuals who have been deceased for centuries and that they are not a hoax. There is disagreement about the exact nature and origin of them. Some argue that the findings call into question long-standing assumptions about the history and origin of the people of South America.
Did people migrate to the Western Hemisphere from Europe or the Middle East centuries earlier than previously thought? Is there an extraterrestrial connection which would explain the strange nature of the remains? One thing is certain: More research is needed before we can be sure.


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