Recent studies have shown that the moon, well, it may not be as real as it looks. It could actually be a hologram formed by lunar waves. All a person needs is a powerful, high definition, telescope. Maybe it works like the televisions today. 
This phenomenon wave was found by Mr. Crow and 11 other people. The waves are normally incorporated with projected images, hence a hologram. Could it have been a camera mistake? The study is saying no, that evidence shows it is organic. Could it be that this hologram is coming from friendly extraterrestrial entities in space? Maybe. 
Mr. Crow states lots of people believe this theory. He also states he is working with three other people to further the research. With this, people are exclaiming their outrage and defamation toward Mr. Crow. What is Mr. Crow's unpopular official opinion? He believes that the moon is real and not a hologram when it is a new or quarter moon. The moon is a hologram when it is three-fourths or a full moon so that the entities behind the hologram can work on projects without Earth knowing what it is doing on it. After Mr. Crow's stated opinion, this was backed up in a research paper by Russian scientists.
 Well, people, here we have it. The moon, as we know it, may be a hoax! Let's call conspiracy 911 and see what they think. So who could these entities be? Let's have Vanna White shows us what is behind the tiles: It could be ETs trying to build a mass-destruction weapon to destroy humans so that they can propagate their agenda and take over Earth. Perhaps then slavery of humans would be used to create the world that they want. Or could it be a super power is undergoing, top-secret, never before done research to use this against us? Perhaps they are creating a mass destruction weapon to use against us to show their power to all of Earth. That would have all countries bowing at it's knee. Another one I have is that the United States it looking into minerals and natural resources that we could harness on Earth to use for our good. But, be careful, that could easily lead to World War III with a fight for found natural resources. Regardless, we think Mulder and Scully need to be called in and start an X-Files investigation. Are we brave enough as a society to figure out who is behind the hologram and for what spooky reasons? I believe we are, but we must put our differences aside and come together to get to the bottom of this to help society.

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