Hotel Temecula: Are You Brave Enough To Sleep With Ghosts?

Welcome to Temecula, California, where sits the eponymous Hotel Temecula.
According to the locals, the food ain’t bad, but that’s about the best thing that you can say for it.
Because, like a certain other hotel located in California, it seems that in certain cases, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
Visitors to the hotel have been reporting some of the more common signs of a haunting for a very long time.
The hotel was opened, after all, in 1891, and it didn’t take long for legends to spring up around it.
On the front porch sits an old woman in a rocking chair, with a child at the foot of her chair.
This sounds perfectly normal, until you realize that only a few people can see them only some of the time, and when they do, she and the child usually vanish before their eyes – though not before giving a startled look of recognition and delivering evil snarls.
  • “I think,” says a psychic who stayed in the hotel after its long-awaited reopening in 2014, “that they realize when they are in the presence of someone who can see or sense them.” She has been in this situation before. “Sometimes spirits who inhabit our realm of the world get very angry when someone comes along who can actually see them. After all, most of the people who stay there complain about the strange cold spots, or the odd banging noises throughout the hotel, or the way that stuff has of moving around in the middle of the night sometimes. What most of them don’t see is the perpetrators of these little acts. And it’s probably good that they don’t, because these particular ghosts are frightening.”
Jaded expert though she is, this particular psychic states that she will never visit Hotel Temecula again.
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  • “It’s not worth the risk for someone like me,” she says. “The thing you have to realize is that sometimes, if you are able to interact with the world of these spirits and energies, they are a lot more able to interact with you as well, and that can be dangerous for someone in my position and profession.”
Who are these ghosts?
Who is this woman and this child, and what do they have to be so angry about?
No one knows for sure.
Local legends are sporadic and not very detailed.
Some claim that the woman and her child died in the hotel, and have haunted it ever since.
Some claim they are just wayward spirits who have found an odd and creepy place to rest in their wanderings.
Still others believe that there is something more dark and sinister – like murder – involved, although to date there have been no provable facts to support this.
One thing is for sure.  Whoever they are, they do not like outsiders.
  • “My guess,” the psychic states matter-of-factly, “is that something bigger is going on within that hotel, and whoever those two are – or whoever or whatever they’re connected to – is being kept as safe as possible until the right time to unleash it comes.”
Want to see the ghosts for yourself?
Are you brave enough to spend the night?
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