In June 1934, two gold prospectors were blasting for gold in the San Pedro Mountains of Wyoming when they discovered a small cavern which had been concealed by the deep rock. After exploring the tiny man-made cavern they made a highly unusual discovery – the well-preserved mummified remains of a tiny human being, of approximately six and a half inches in height, sitting cross-legged on the floor. 
The body was encased in a gelatinous, preserving substance that meant that the body was perfectly preserved as it had been in life. The body had a flattened nose, full set of teeth and fingernails and appeared to be an old man.
What was considered particularly interesting about this find was that local Native Americans had a great deal of folklore about little spirits or tiny people in the region. These beings, they said, had magical powers which were ordinarily related to healing but were occasionally prone to bellicosity and sometimes viciously attacked the Native American people with poisoned arrows. 
While many immediately presumed that the discovery was an elaborate hoax, many scientists came to the area with a desire to examine the tiny creature (who was quickly nicknamed ‘Pedro’) more thoroughly. In the years that followed, Pedro was subject to some tested. Some of the scientists came to the conclusion that in life he had been a baby who had died shortly after birth. Others suggested that he was an adult, aged between sixteen and sixty-five years old. They said that he could not have been a new born baby because of his full set of extraordinarily sharp teeth and the presence of what appeared to be raw meat in his stomach. Disturbingly, x-rays also revealed that it was likely that Pedro had suffered a violent death. Many of his bones were broken, and there was considerable damage to his spine and skull. 
All of these discoveries seemed to raise more questions than they answered and the question of Pedro’s providence was a matter of huge controversy. Some people maintained that he was a human being, others suggested that he was a member of the separate species alluded to in Native American folklore. Others suggested that he could be an extra-terrestrial being of some kind. 
Tragically, it appears as though this question may never be answered as Pedro’s body has been missing for some years. His body was displayed in a series of sideshows in the 1940s before being purchased by a collector named Ivan Goodman towards the end of the decade. When Goodman passed away in 1950, he bequeathed them to man called Leonard Waller. Since Waller took ownership of the mysterious body, the trail has gone cold.

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