There have been continual hints towards humans and those on Earth that aliens do exist, and they do have an agenda of their own. There have been continual findings by ufologists and fanatics of the topic. However there has been one new finding that could solidify the long-debate argument.

One hunter of aliens is believed to have found a unique discovery on the moon in an antenna. Mark Sawalha, A UFO hunter in Finland states he noticed a strange spike in a NASA photo. Sawalha claims it is an alien antenna, and it is the antenna connected to an alien base. Therefore the location is most likely underground.

Zoomed in the photo, it appears to be a slightly curled nail-like object sticking up from the ground. It looks like a nail for hanging pictures and holding things in place; however, there would be no reason for something like that on the moon. Therefore it must be something else.

It is believed aliens are using the materials on the moon and have several other bases on the moon. Sawalha states that NASA knows about this as well, but prefers not to publish them.

Another expert is refuting this believe of an antenna poking through the moon. He states that it is a mere optical illusion, and this perceived spike through the ground is nothing more shadows from a hill from behind that creates this illusion.

Earlier in the year, another theory came out about this sighting. This theory entails the idea that it is a launching pad for aliens. However another researcher who works with NASA states that it is simply a crater within another crater.

Another theory is that the spire was built for a very large vessel. This theory too, however, has been shut down and heavily disagreed with. Researchers told the Huffington Post that it is just a bunch of craters.

The sun was low on the horizon as well, so this could have put a shadow along the east side of the moon, which may have created this illusion of an antenna.