As the evidence becomes more transparent that we aren't alone the FBI apparently continues their quest to continue to try to debunk any claims that we have indeed been visited by aliens from another planet. But in a way that isn't true to form for the FBI, they seem to do it now in a way that can only be described as well childish. 
The whole thing is about the earliest incidents recorded of a UFO cover-up in 1947 incident at Roswell, New Mexico. This incident involved the reports that a UFO crashed landed near an army base. There are those who believe that the whole incident was investigated by a task force which is known as the Majestic 12.
 How does the FBI respond to this claim of the investigation and even the fact that aliens crash-landed at Roswell, to begin with? Well, they sum it up literally with one word, they call it all "bogus" 
That's right no fancy explanation as to why this isn't believable just the word bogus. But despite the FBI continuing to say nothing occurred at Roswell and tries to slam down other evidence of alien visitations those who truly believe refuse to allow this government agency to tell them it isn't true. 
In fact, some believe that the more the FBI deny there is evidence of alien visitations the more its believe they are involved in an elaborate cover-up to keep the truth out of public view. In fact, there are some who say they have evidence that the Roswell incident did truly happy. One such person is Documentary Producer James Shandera who has claimed to have received an envelope containing film. When he took the time to develop the film he found that it was pictures of documents regarding the Roswell incident along with other alien visitations that were investigated by the Majestic 12. But when sharing these papers were the public it wasn't long before many skeptics started to unravel these as actual proof. So, eventually, these were marked up as a hoax. As for the FBI and their response to these documents, yes they summed it up in one word Bogus. What the FBI fails to realize is that for those who chose to continue to believe in alien visitations their claims are becoming well bogus.
 Still, the Majestic 12 live on. There are those in the UFOlogy community, such as prominent voice Stanton Friedman, who still believe that the documents are real and continue to argue the point. There have even been further documents that have surfaced claiming to support the originals, but none have gained such a strong response. 

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