The human imagination about Mars has always been fertile. For some reason, Mars was the subject of numerous stories and fiction books. What kinds of landscapes are there? What forms of life would inhabit this planet (men, plants and animals)? Are these forms of life sufficiently intelligent and evolved to contact us? For more than 100 years science fiction has shown man exploring Mars. They also show invasions of strange green entities coming from the red planet attacking and conquering the Earth. The interesting thing is that today, more than ever, the controversy about life on Mars is taking a new direction. Pictures taken from space probes are revealing unusual images, difficult to explain by skeptics. 
A black and white image taken on September 16, 2013 appears to show a huge building, partly visible from behind a rock formation. A second image dated February 11, 2017 shows the same rock formation but now in color, but surprisingly the building has been disappeared from the picture.
 Is it possible that in this image we would be looking at the remains of a Martian civilization?

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