Not that long ago I was in communication with someone via Facebook who claimed they were a channel for an entity calling itself the Goddess, which also told me it was a member of an alien species it called Sentry.
In our galaxy there are billions of Star Beings, and humanoid races are the rule, not the exception. These races descend from many forms of life: reptiles, insects, dinosaurs, birds and other forms of life that mankind can not begin to imagine.
One of the earliest Star Races in this sector of the Universe is the reptilian Ari-An, which descends from dinosaur ancestors in Orion's star system.
Ruled by queens, they created the most powerful empire in the galaxy: the Ari-An warriors, unmatched in ferocity, bravery, power, and size. Millions of years of countless battles had enabled this empire to develop advanced warfare strategies, such as "conditioning" or "reprogramming" (of the mind) to control conquered populations and make them property rather than responsibilities.



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