One of the most fascinating creatures that has been a prevalent topic for cryptid enthusiasts for years is the famous sea beast "The Lochness Monster". 
The earliest account of a Lochness monster sighting was back in 1933, when a London couple were driving around Loch, they witnessed a gigantic creature akin to a dragon or a pre-historic animal with another smaller animal on his mouth and quickly moving from the road to the lake. This report was then published on the Courier.
 The first photograph of the alleged beast was taken on the same year and was published in the Daily Express. 
Through the following years, people have been reporting new "Nessie" sightings with some photographic proof to back their claims.
 But these sea dragons aren't exclusive to the Scottish Highlands. There have been recent clips and photos of a supposed sea creature swimming along the icy cold Alaskan waters.
 The footage taken had gone viral and it remains a mystery to what that creature is.
 Even more recently new footage emerged showing another dragon creature submerging on Alaskan waters with spikes sticking out to the surface. 
Watch the following video to know more! 

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