Mars has given us a lot to think about over the last two years that its hard to put all of this together. 
From a distant planet and denuded, Mars has proven that it is more interesting than we had never thought of before. 
Mars is about half of the diameter of the Earth with a surface is slightly less than the total area of the dry land. Mars is less dense than the earth, having approximately 15 per cent of the volume and 11 per cent of the land mass, resulting in approximately 38 per cent of the surface of the earth gravity. 
But Mars is very similar to the earth in many ways. The experts have proven that the Red Planet was once remarkably similar to the earth, having an atmosphere, lakes, rivers, and oceans covering its surface. 
Not long ago, NASA has revealed that Mars could have supported the life as we know it but everything changes when the red planet has lost its atmosphere. 
According to scientists, the slow destruction of the atmosphere of the planet in our neighbor has been caused by "enormous rope-like tendrils of magnetic rotation. The Red Planet once the hospital atmosphere has been dazzled in a distant past. This means that when Mars was much younger, it was much more hot and humid, which means that it has been a very good candidate for the life to develop. Scientists believe that oceans of Mars have evaporated due to the thinning of the planet atmosphere that fact flees in space. 
Although Mars has no evidence of a global magnetic field, the observations show that parts of the crust of the planet have been magnetized, suggesting that the alternation of the polarity of son dipole field have taken place in the past. 
However, there are more things on Mars which have caused confusion among the experts. The exploration of Mars rovers of NASA has noticed the quantity of readings of methane at the surface of the Red Planet. On Earth, 90 per cent of the whole of the methane in the atmosphere is produced by living organisms. Traces of methane captured the Curiosity on the red planet, and the scientists believe that this could point to the existence of life on the red planet, at this precise moment, although there are other possible explanations. 
But while Mars may not have life on its surface, many scientists claim that in the distant past, the Red Planet has perhaps taken in charge of the life and not only primitive life, but of complex life forms developed countries who have perhaps even the structures built on its surface.
 One of these researchers is Dr. John A plasma physicist who has obtained his diploma at the University of California at Davis and which apparently has had a brilliant career as a scientist submits that the Martian life has been deliberately destroyed with nukes. 
In a scientific article, Dr. Brandenburg says: That Mars present, "… based on new data, the evidence that during this period of Earthlike climate, biological evolution product, to length, a humanoid civilization leaving ruins at several sites, Cydonia Mensa and Galaxias Chaos being two sites more intensively studied. The data from these sites has formed the basis of the hypothesis Cydonia (Brandenburg, DiPietro and Molenaar, 1991) of a former, indigenous populations, about the civilization of the Bronze Age on March." 
And, curiously, each day of new images of Mars prove that there is something strange on its surface. Over the past two years, countless images of Mars were analyzed by foreign hunters across the world. Some of them --show awkwardly which seems to be artificially structured on the surface of the Red Planet. 
All jokes aside, a part of the substance found in Mars that makes you think "that if in a certain way, the life on Mars developed millions of years ago, and has finally disappeared?" 
Would it not find traces of this life today? 
Exposed beams in return images to be able to participate Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show a zone on the surface of Mars covered with small "structures."
 Be able to participate in the catch of many images in MRO in form 

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