Today we received a strange picture of an alleged alien being together with a fascinating story.
 Read the eyewitness report and tell us what you think: 
  • This happened exactly 11 years ago in 2006. It was my last year in high school, and I was involved in the art department.
  •  Specifically there was three classes, Photography, Digital Photography and Natural Art. These three rooms were linked together in the middle by an office. I remember that it was me and two friends who were assistances for the teachers and we were talking in the office with the photography teacher.
  •  He was telling us about a camera that was found in his sister’s house. It belonged to a military officer and well he had this camera in his attic, and while they were cleaning out the house and came across it, she decided to develop the pictures to see what they were. 
  • To her surprise, my teacher described her reaction as “completely horrified” there were pictures she immediately threw away and could not believe. He never described to me what these pictures were but one of them he was able to keep.
  •  It’s a specimen with an unknown tag on it. The military official that lived there apparently had died a long time ago and worked in a facility, but nobody ever knew where. My teacher was able to get this picture that was developed, and he showed it to us. 
  • I asked if I could take a picture of it or show it to my friends he said no. He put it in his office and locked the office after we were finished seeing it. During lunch, my department (digital photography) had keys available for the office, and I quickly took the keys and opened the office while they were on lunch and well I quickly snapped pictures and ran back inside the classroom. 
This is the picture of the photograph that was developed straight from the old camera! 

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