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Russian Pilot reported close encounter with Two UFOs !!!

Russia, Kursk area – 60,000ft. Russian military pilot reported a close encounter with two UFOs, they were filmed by on-board camera. UFOs over RUSSIA The Russians approached the subject of UFOs with the utmost seriousness and attention to detail. Boris Sokolov, a retired Russian colonel ran an in-depth study in 1980. “For 10 years,” Sokolov said, “the entire Soviet Union became one gigantic UFO listening post.” There were 40 cases where pilots encountered UFOs, explained Sokolov. Initially, they were commanded to chase, then shoot the UFO. But when the pilots engaged, the UFO would speed up. On two occasions, pilots… Read More


There have been continual hints towards humans and those on Earth that aliens do exist, and they do have an agenda of their own. There have been continual findings by ufologists and fanatics of the topic. However there has been one new finding that could solidify the long-debate argument. One hunter of aliens is believed to have found a unique discovery on the moon in an antenna. Mark Sawalha, A UFO hunter in Finland states he noticed a strange spike in a NASA photo. Sawalha claims it is an alien antenna, and it is the antenna connected to an alien… Read More

Spain declassifies 1,900 pages of top-secret UFO files

Another step towards global UFO disclosure. The Spanish Ministry of Defense has declassified 80 reports of alleged UFO sightings that took place between 1962 and 1995.The Spanish Ministry of Defense has declassified 80 confidential reports containing around 1,900 pages of alleged UFO sightings that were recorded above Spanish airspace between 1962 and 1995. The material is available to the public in the online library of the Spanish Ministry of Defense. The reports include the location of the sighting, the date, the summary of facts, considerations, conclusions and the proposed classification or declassification of each document. The declassification process of the… Read More

‘Alien’ Lifeform seen moving on Mars in NEW NASA footage

According to a new controversial video, ‘Alien’ Lifeforms are seen moving on the surface of the red planet. Check out the video and let us know what you think. The video which has become viral on social networks offers ‘conclusive evidence’ that there is at east primitive life on the surface of the red planet. UFO hunters and researchers around the globe believe the recently uploaded NASA footage shows an ‘alien’ life form moving on the surface of Mars. As the Curiosity rover drilled into Mars’ surface, something its vanity was spotted moving. UFO hunters believe insect-like figures are moving… Read More

Alien Harvesting : A Phenomenon simply can’t be explained

According to her research Dr. Turner believes that humans are being used as a “resource” by these aliens in many ways: “The evidence shows that the aliens do harvest from us in a number of ways, emotionally and energetically as well as physically. There are even reported scenarios of facilities in which human bodies are “processed,” and many such reports come from people unfamiliar with ufological literature.” Here is part of a list she put together based on countless abduction accounts, research and analysis: In every instance from this list, there are multiple reports from unrelated cases, confirming that such… Read More

NASA Sets to Release Details of ‘Surprising Activity’ on Europa, Many Speculate Alien Life

The rumors about alien life have once again appeared. This time, the rumors were started by an announcement made by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). According to NASA, it will hold a teleconference on Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, to present new findings from images of Europa, one of the largest of Jupiter’s 67 known moons, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Europa is said to be the sixth-closest moon of Jupiter, and the smallest of its four Galilean satellites, as well as the sixth-largest moon in the solar system. Its distance to Earth is approximately 628.3… Read More

Stephen Hawking: God did not Create us, Aliens exist, and we’ll live on the moon

Stephen Hawking has made some very interesting comments regarding the future of humanity. In fact, the world-renowned researcher has spoken about God, Aliens, our place in the universe and how the 21st century will be a milestone in space exploration. Among the numerous subjects discussed in public, Professor Hawking has spoken out about God, our place in the universe, our goals as a civilization and the general future that awaits mankind. Interestingly, Stephen Hawking has even spoken out about aliens saying that alien life is real, and humans should refrain from making contact. The world-renowned scientists stated that there are… Read More

6th Man to walk on the Moon TESTIFIED to Alien CONTACT

In the last couple of years, the number of astronauts, scientists, military officials and government representatives who have come forward openly speaking about alien life is STAGGERING. “We are not alone in the universe. They have been coming here for a long time…” –Edgar Mitchell One of them is Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man who walked on the surface of our moon. The former Navy Captain and author, who had a Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon University, a Postgraduate Science degree from the U.S. Naval School and Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT made fascinating… Read More